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The purpose of WAESPAA is to enhance the educational opportunities and outcomes for students with disabilities through advocacy and support for Education Support Administrators and key personel.

Key Roles and Descriptions

  1. Clearing House: The Association is called upon to contribute and respond to a wide range of Regional and Systemic initiatives. Our role is to provide advice, guidance and support to the system on these initiatives. We will advocate on behalf of our members and ensure that the unique requirements of students with disabilities have been considered.
  2. Advocacy: The Association will advocate where necessary to ensure that the needs of its membership are met. The Association also has a role in safeguarding students with disabilities and to ensure that they have access to curriculum and services that ensures optimum outcomes. This Advocacy can be either reactive or proactive.
  3. Leadership: The Association undertakes a proactive leadership role within the Department of Education and the disability field. This includes providing professional learning, making strategic partnerships with agencies, links with Universities and promoting the Association.

Structure of the Organisation

The Association aligns itself strategically to areas of key business within the Department of Education. One member from the Executive is assigned as a contact person for each portfolio outlined in the WAESPAA Operational Plans. WAESPAA members are encouraged to participate in committees and working parties which fall under the auspices of relevant Portfolios.

The President, Vice President and key Executive members participate in higher-level strategic direction committees aligned with the Strategic Priorities within the Department of Education and other agencies.

Strategic Plan

All members of the WAESPAA Executive progress the Association's purpose through active owenership and accountability of one or more portfolios within each of the Strategic Plan Priority areas as reported annually at the AGM each year.

Click here to access the WAESPAA Strategic Plan and Priorities 2017 - 2019

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