2017 WAESPAA Annual Awards Night 

Held on 10th November at the Perth Convention Centre, the event hosted over 500 staff and invited guests from across the state wtih a record breaking 98 Nominations across all categories. Congratulations to each of our 2017 WAESPAA Annual Award Winners and Nominees:

Meryl FlickManager Corporate Services / Support Staff Award - Meryl Flick, Halls Head College Education Support Centre

Meryl is an amazing, clever, creative and incredibly dedicate Manager Corporate Services who has spent over 17 years in her current role supporting the Principal and staff to nuture and grow our children from its inception. Her compassion and positive energy is always appreciated as she works with staff to resource our school so we can deliver positve outcomes for students with disabilities.

Gokula Lakshmi SundararamanNon-Teaching Staff Award (Years K - 3) - Gokula Laksmi Sundararaman, Westminster Eduction Support Centre

Laks is an exceptional Education Assistant, demonstrating the highest level of skill and professionalism. Her sound understanding of the needs and abilities of her students enables her to motivate challenging students. She has mentored and trianed staff to use computers, iPads and smart boards, as her committment to help is unwavering.

Jane WilliamsonNon-Teaching Staff Award (Years 4 - 6) - Jane Williamson, Malibu School

An innovative, passionate Education Assistant who inspires the whole school community with her innovation, skill and dedication. She models positive, proactive and focused teaching and learning. She is a strong advocate for our school in the community and has created partnerships that deepen the learning experience for the students.

Malibu TeamNon-Teaching Staff Award (Years 7 - 12) - Malibu Team: Anita Eaves, Annette Liley, Dianne Moir, Sam Lomax, Vicky Rawlings, Gill Butler, Malibu School

A collaborative, hard working, innovative and passionate team that have worked tirelessly in 2017 to create a positive thriving class culture that gave 9 student who each individually have many challenges to become a trusting and thriving group of young people who have moved from isolation to community involvement.


Early Career Teacher Award (Years 7 - 12) - Sam Ewen-Hinson, Gwynne Park Education Support Centre

This driven Early Career Teacher completed a Bachelor of Education in Primary Education 2013, commenced as an EA in 2014 and first began teaching in 2015. In her brief time as teacher, she has attained permaneny and Full Registration, is engaged in several leadership projects across the school and system and is building a portfolio twards becoming a Level 3 Classroom Teacher. She competently leads the development of her own students in addition to furthering the skills and knowledge of her colleagues and families through her role as a SSEND ASD Key Teacher, supporting the Network's Education Support Graduates as the Network Graduate Program Coordinator and facilitating parent learning as a new Postitive Partnership facilitator.

Shelly Whitfall

Teaching Early Childhood Award (Years K - 3) - Shelly Whittall, Malibu School

A passionate educator who ensures all students within her classroom are given the brightest futures. She is highly reflective in her practices and will seek information to benefit the students' learning. She leads the way with AAC and Literacy providing exemplary access within her classroom.

Selvarani BirdTeaching Primary Award (Years 4 - 6) - Selvarani Bird, Burbridge School

An exceptional teacher of students with disability who has taught students with a very diverse range of abilities and high support needs. Over the last nine years has demonstrated a conscientious, enthusiastic and professional attitude to teaching. She is a highly accomplished Senior Teacher.

Pam CaveTeaching Secondary Award (Years 7 - 12) - Pam Cave, Cannington Community Education Support Centre

Pam has played a critical role in the development of students for over 40 years. Her highly organised nature and creativity enables her to deliver targeted and highly differentiated instruction allowing all students to face and overcome challenges. Her calming nature ensures she has a positive and lasting impact on all those who work around her.

Paul JonesEducation Support Leader Award - Paul Jones, Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Education Support Centre

Paul Jones is the Principal of Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Education Support Centre. He is an outstanding leader who has a fantastic rapport with all staff and students. These relationships are fostered through his 'can do' attitude, witty humour and sociable nature. Paul is a well-respected professional in the education support field and a worthy nominee for this award.

Kenwick School

Education Support Centre / School Award - Kenwick School

WAESPAA acknowledges the contribution of our valued Connected Partners in celebrating this event.

Please view our downloadable celebration of all Nominees and Winners for our 2017 WAESPAA Annual Awards:

WAESPAA 2017 Awards Night Brochure.pdf

WAESPAA 2017 Awards Night
WAESPAA 2017 Awards Night
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2017 Professional Teaching Council of WA (PTCWA) Awards 

John ExeterCongratulations to John Exeter who was nominated by WAESPAA for the PTCWA Outstanding Professional Service Award. John was presented with this prestigious award on Wednesday 25th October with his invited guest Ted Kelley, Ros Hamling and Merrilee Wright alongside his peers recognised from other Education Associations. 

These awards recognise the value of individual contributions to education in Western Australia. Throughout his 34 year service and membership with WAESPAA, John has made many valuable and personal contributions towards maintaining and improving teaching standards and opportunity for children with Special Education Needs in WA schools. It is this service we choose to celebrate and recognise and in this context that the PTCWA Outstanding Professional Service Awards have been established.

PTCWA John Exeter
PTCWA John Exeter
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WAESPAA previous Winners of the PTCWA Outstanding Professional Service Awards

2007 – Ms Jenny Cole (Retired Life Member)

2009 – Ms Marlene Brown (Retired Life Member)

2012 – Mr Andew Wilson (Life Member)

2013 – Ms Eve Lucas (Life Member)

2014 – Ms Margaret Rutherford (Retired Life Member)

2015 – Mr Ted Kelley (Retired Life Member)

2016 – Ms Fiona Forbes 

For more information about the PTCWA, please see their webpage

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