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WAESPAA is proud of our ongoing association and support of our 12 exclusive Connected Partners who actively contribute to our professional learning opportunities and the celebration of our sector. In addition to our Annual Conference support, our Connected Partners also name and present one of our prestigious WAESPAA Awards during our Annual WAESPAA Awards night and maintain contact with our members throughout the year.

WAESPAA values the support and contribution of our 2 Lead Connected Partners:

Teachers Mutual Bank - Our WAESPAA School Community Connected Partner and WAESPAA Awards Night Partner


For over fifty years Teachers Mutual Bank has provided key financial services to Australian Educators. With over 186,000 members, Teachers Mutual Bank Limited is one of Australia's largest mutual banks. At Teachers Mutual Bank we exist for the mutual benefit of our members, which means everything we do is to ensure you, our members, have a bright future. Teachers Mutual Bank continues to be passionate about assisting members secure their financial futures through superior member support and banking products. Teachers Mutual Bank

Schoolzine - Our WAESPAA Leadership Connected Partner 

12. Schoolzine Logo

Schoolzine is helping schools move into the digital age. We are all aware smart phones are here to stay. Included in the long list of features available to schools including building every eNewsletter with options for photos, videos, polls/surveys, calendar, events and statistics, Schoolzine provides a Mobile App – which means your eNewsletter can be viewed anywhere, anytime on your phone. We include options for instant flash messages, SMS and web page management linked to your Mobile App. This brings your school straight into the pockets of your community. See more at

WAESPAA values the support and contribution of our 10 Connected Partners:


Landsdale Farm School

Landsdale Farm School provides a welcoming educational rural environment for people to view plants and animals and to gain an appreciation of living things. The environment evokes a feeling of tranquility and well-being and was developed specifically for students with disability. The School runs a variety of programs for small and large groups, birthday parties and overnight camps. Landsdale Farm School

ANZUK Education


At anzuk, we place exceptional people in educational settings. We invest in teachers looking for temporary or permanent work, provide search and selection for executive level managers, recruit support staff and supply permanent and casual educators and support staff for early childhood. Now operating between Australia, the UK, Canada and New Zealand, we can meet your needs wherever you are in your education career journey. Always helping educators make the right choice whether you're a graduate, returning to work or a community leader. ANZUK Education



Our vision is for a world where all people are fully included in every aspect of community life. For more than 25 years, Interchange has supported West Australians with disability to achieve their goals through individualised, local community-based support which sows the seeds for a fulfilling life. And true to our vision, we’re dedicated to creating shared experiences with people in the general community so that our customers can become integral members of society. Interchange

Murdoch University


The School of Education at Murdoch University has proud traditions of engagement with schools and service to the teaching profession. We are committed to social justice and inclusivity, building partnerships locally and globally, and graduating effective practitioners and lifelong learners. We provide high quality courses in pre-service teacher education at Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary and Adult Education Levels, and offer a wide range of nationally recognised internship programs that provide for a full year immersion experience in schools. Murdoch Education



At Playscape Creations we put smiles on children’s faces by building better playgrounds. We specialise in the design and construction of holistic play environments to meet the needs of the entire community, including people of all ages and all abilities. Through our unique sensory design methodology we engage all seven senses, creating stimulating and challenging recreational spaces for all to enjoy. Playscape Creations’ vision is to specialise in complete project management from concept to completion, with the highest professional standards and customer service. Playscape Creations

Disruptive Education and Training


Disruptive Education & Training was created for leaders who want to shake up the culture of their school or organization. It was created for leaders who have had enough of the same issues year after year, who want to move beyond average. For leaders who are noticing that they need different methods, innovative thinking skills and cutting-edge leadership tools to create phenomenal results. We use models of excellence developed by industry experts and our mentors through their combined 30+ years of experience in supporting companies and organizations to change their culture and improve their outcomes. Disruptive Education and Training



Whether you are looking for a car for yourself, a friend or family member we can work out the best option to suit your needs. Founded in 1998, Selectus is a leading provider of salary packaging administration and fleet management services to Employers and Employees. With a growing range of innovative products available to our clients and customers, Selectus offers a variety of salary packaging and novated leasing solutions to suit all work environments. By drawing on our experience, industry knowledge and networks, Selectus ensures that all savings generated offer a substantial benefit and point of difference within the field of salary packaging, novated leasing and vehicle solutions for everyone. Selectus

Autism Association WA


For those who have been involved with Autism, either personally or during their professional career, the Autism Association of Western Australia is a well-known and trusted name. Established in 1967, we’re the largest specialist lifespan organisation in Australia providing services to people with Autism. The programs we develop are best-practice and based on leading international peer-reviewed research in the field of Autism. Additionally, we maintain well established links both nationally and internationally, ensuring we stay up-to-date with advances in this ever-evolving field of research and practical experience. Autism Association WA


11. CareMonkey logo

CareMonkey is an award winning platform for automating consent forms, medical records, field trips, staff forms, payments, incident reporting and group messaging. CareMonkey is used by schools & school districts, sports, scouts, clubs, camps, businesses, youth & church groups, the disability sector and other groups with a duty of care. Collect consent, signatures, payments and approvals faster. Know exactly what to do, who to call, and what to tell paramedics. We support customers from our data centres in United States, Australia and Ireland. For more information visit CareMonkey


10. Firetech logo 3

Firetech provide innovative and creative tech camps and courses for young people, offering a wide range of creative and technical courses from robotics to software programming, flying drones and digital photography. Our workshops are designed as a fantastic environment for challenging design thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration skills - while having heaps of fun along the way! Locations are spread across the Metro area with availability in Bunbury. We offer in-term courses, after school club courses and holiday workshops with options available to run courses within schools as part of curriculum STEM learning. See our courses and brochures online at


For more information about becoming a valued WAESPAA Connected Partner or specific event sponsor, enquire here or contact Ralph Gurr at Events WA.

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